The Oak Inspired Complete Method

We do one thing – we make habitat gardens. We plant more than trees. We learn from Nature, and adapt to create new and revitalized restorations, gardens, and plantings. We plant and steward complete systems. This is why we call our projects Oak Inspired Complete.

Our Soil

Soil is comprised of organic and mineral content. Soil is also alive with Microbial life. Knowing soil is understanding life. Our Oak Inspired Complete projects include creating a soils environment that supports tree health. In some ways, this IS where the magic happens!

Our Companion Plantings

We plant the sedges, grasses, forbs, and other plants that would grow under Your Native Oak Tree in a natural setting. These native perennial plants have roots that penetrate the soil and contribute to healthy water infiltration and air penetration. As a normal course of their lives, their roots seasonally senesce and regenerate, depositing carbon deep into the soil.

Our Native Oak Trees

Locally grown, naturally occurring species, specially selected for your site conditions. Our trees are legacies of the genetic stock that once comprised up to 80% of the canopy just a few hundred years ago.

Our Consult and Installation process

Our specialists come to your site and evaluate the conditions. We spec the right native plant species based on the right native plant community for your conditions and then we make sure it gets installed right. After all, it is a living system!

Our Stewardship Gardening

We provide stewardship gardening for the health and abundance of the life in your Oak Inspired Complete.

Expanding your plantings over time

We help you expand your habitat garden over time as your tree grows!

Service Area

map coming soon!

Service Area

map coming soon!

We plant more than the tree, we plant the plant community – an important cornerstone of our region’s ecology.

We learn from Nature, adapt our knowledge, and create Oak Inspired Complete Projects, and then we take care of them.

– oak inspired, it is built into our business

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