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We want you to have the right tools for the job. Check out the links below.

Tools we recommend

Hori-Hori type soil knife is the only tool you will ever need. There are many brands and styles out there. We have been very happy with the ones produced by A.M. Loenard Inc. They sell them online, come in a couple styles, and have a leather sheath.

Lesche Sampson shovels are extremely durable. We like them a lot. Be sure you buy the right size.

We recommend high quality tools that last a lifetime. You can buy them new, at a pro supplier, or sometimes you get super lucky at a garage sale.

We’re happy to share what we know, and assist you selecting your tools. Send us an email or give us a call.

Merch from Oak Inspired

We made ourselves a mug or two, then were asked by someone if they could buy mugs like that…. so, we have made some of our Oak Inspired images available for purchase on merch. We also realize not everyone has space for an Oak Inspired Complete habitat garden, but would still love being surrounded by oak beauty!

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