Why an Oak Tree Complete Habitat Garden?

The Mighty Oak Tree

Oaks are a known as a keystone species. What does this mean? Well, it basically means and oak is not just an oak. And it means that oak trees are not just oak trees.


Oaks are part of an entire world of life. Some of this life is beyond our notice, or even seemingly beyond our senses. But perhaps we aren’t paying enough attention…?

Or is it…?

Stay with me here. I’ll use the example of petrichor. Petrichor is the smell that some times is the only clue that it has rained a bit on a hot dry day.

I’ll talk about the days watching the mushrooms grow in dead underground roots, then watching as they were eaten by the forest creatures.

I’ll talk about how the fire and the peoples and the plants and animals created this landscape.

Stand by, it’ll take some time, because after all, mostly I am in the field, planting our trees and yours.

Published by Alexia Landscape Architect; Re-Ecology LTD

Designing with systems, both natural and man-made, in mind, with a careful consideration of stewardship and maintenance, will go far in sustainable landscape and sites design.

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