Why an Oak Tree Habitat Garden?

The Mighty Oak Tree should not be alone!

Oaks are a known as a keystone species. What does this mean? Well, it basically means and oak is not just an oak. And it means that oak trees are not just oak trees – but part of a greater abundant natural system. Do you hear the songbirds? Was that an Owl? Are those butterflies on my flowers?

Not just Oak Trees?

Oak Trees are part of a natural system that once covered 80% of the Northeast Illinois area. It benefits in countless ways to restore that canopy, and to choose native trees and native plants for our home landscapes.

Why does this matter?

By increasing the Oak trees and habitat they provide in Nature, people can support the songbirds, butterflies, and pollinating insects that support our modern lives! Each of our landscapes that support habitat provide a connectivity of habitat that positively supports the natural systems we need.

What do you do that is unique?

We plant Oak Tree Habitat Gardens for you. We also sell kits so you can plant your own. We select only native plants, and plant a plant community that supports natural systems such as soil health, drainage and infiltration, and healthy habitat for healthy tree growth.

How is this done?

We perform a site qualification consult, and then we select the right species of Oak and companion plants for your site conditions. We install your plantings for you, and offer stewardship gardening to support your habitat garden investment.

Want to plant your own? You can order an Oak Inspired Complete habitat garden kit, if you like!

What area do you serve?

We serve clients in Northeast Illinois, Southeast Wisconsin, and Northern Indiana.

Tell me a little bit more, please!

Our Oak Inspired Complete habitat gardens are based in the native ecology of our region, and designed to be an amenity that supports birds, bees, and butterflies.

We install your native oak tree and its companion plants and soil life (mycorrhyzae) based on how we would find them together in Nature. Typically, this type of planting will be modelled on a Native Oak Savanna. We modify the plant species if your site conditions are wetter, dryer, or for soil types as-needed.

We plant our Oak Inspired Complete garden companion plantings dense. We do like Nature – we cover the soil with plants, and we don’t leave much room for the weeds to take hold.

We offer a warranty and stewardship gardening packages to serve your investment over time.

We provide you written guidance for the long-term ecological stewardship of your Oak Inspired Complete Habitat Garden into the future.

We are committed to helping keep your investment thriving.

All plants are native and typically local ecotypes, and typically sourced from local ecological restoration nurseries.

We plant more than just an Oak Tree, we plant an Oak Inspired Complete – a habitat garden.